Event Photography Rates:

$120 P/H on location

$120 P/H post processing ,editing, file management.

$120 P/H optional retouching.


Minimum 4 hour call for on-location shooting.

(To give you an idea of what's involved, on an average corporate event, for every 2-3 hours spent shooting the event, there is another 1 hour of post-processing involved after the event).


Standard stills photography kit, included in the above rates as follows:

High resolution Pro DSLRs

Various, fast lenses

Flash lighting kit, light stands, diffusers, etc...


Other potential cost considerations, which can be discussed on an individual basis:

Travel costs, 1.5 hours outside of Melbourne Metro,  subject to individual circumstances.

Additional equipment required to suit specific needs.

Additional post-processing or specialist re-touching of individual images.

On location parking.